Follow few simple steps and see who viewed your account!
Step 1: Enter the Instagram Profile URL!
Step 2: Select which people you want to see that viewed your profile!
Step 3: View it online, or download data
Step 4: Press “Continue!” button! 

Enter Instagram Profile URL:
What to View:
Online or download:

Using this instagram viewer you will be able to check who visits your instagram profile in minutes!
You can view personal (private) instagram data, or you can download it. Follow simple steps above, and you’ll be able to see who viewed your profile your followers, people not following you etc..!
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Follow the steps and check who sees your Instagram

Enter your user’s Instagram profile URL, select who you want to see that viewed your profile (followers, friends, anyone/unknown) wait for the program to load. You can choose whether you want to download information or view it online. You don’t have to share your data, you can remain anonymous. This tool is safe to use and it can’t be traced to you so don’t worry. Enjoy the app and use the data responsibly.

If you’re having troubles with completing the steps above, check out the instructional video on how this tool works!